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Review and Comment on Draft Plan

You may download the plan in total or in parts.

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Entire Plan (Cover, Chapters 1-5, maps included) Low Resolution (7.8MB)

Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents High Resolution (5.1MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction High Resolution (9.1MB)

Chapter 2: Plan Development Process High Resolution (2.6MB)

Chapter 3: Statewide Bikeway Network High Resolution (8.9MB)

Chapter 4: Regional Reports High Resolution (14.5MB)

Chapter 5: Plan Objectives and Action Strategies High Resolution (7.5MB)


A: Online Survey Questions and Responses High Resolution (.7MB)

B: Wiki-Map Inputs High Resolution (.7MB)

C: List of Study Corridors/Areas Identified in the Preliminary Statewide Bikeway Network High Resolution (.7MB)

D: Guidance for Local Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning High Resolution (2.8MB)


If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties, contact Benjamin Sigrist at

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